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About Us | Our Vision

The WPop Team is made up of parents who believe life was meant to be easy; affordable and fun too... and not just for kids, but us/you as well.

We also believe in working towards a brighter future for our children - brighter in all meanings of the word and that...


Many nursery rhymes, children's songs and stories could do with some modernising (to put it mildly), and the kids' clothes you see in the main shops these days are just dull. We intend to correct this. We will also provide some tools and supplies to make family life easier.

We want your online shopping experience to be fun and we want you to be happy with your purchase.

All products are thoroughly researched and personally tested before being listed in our store... not on animals but ourselves. We only offer products and services that we are happy to use ourselves!

We intend to remain "boutique", unique and original. We have no desire to become another big store full of the usual fare found everywhere and owned by everyone. Our gear is original, unique and progressive, just like you!

WPOP = Wares & Wearables that are Practical/Original & Positive

Our mission is built into our name and we keep those objectives in mind with everything we offer.

We're about comfort, practicality and fun, and providing something as unique and original as you are. We make and/or design our own products or source them within Australia whenever possible. We also do our best to make sure our products are great value and good for families and the environment.

We strive to provide items that are not just around every corner, truly new, creative and high quality too.

We have some pretty special things in our store and also instore!

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Lyrics and Video.....

Graphic Design.....Nikki


Information Technology.....Zak

Early Childhood Consultant.....Lisa

Vocals and Music.....Mercedes, Yesaya, Magdalena et. al.