Let us help you find something...

With rising prices, buying Wholesale is increasingly POPular!

Buy your supplies in bulk and save by paying WHOLESALE prices!

As we have large commercial customers, we are able to buy in bulk at discounted rates.

This allows us to pass savings onto our small business and household customers too!

Plus if you buy in bulk, you can shop less often!

You might even like to buy our dispensers and longer paper towels and/or toilet paper so you can also refill less often!

Did you know we personalise gifts?!

Here is a very special Baby Shower Gift Idea or potential present for a friend/family member/your child/yourself!

Give us a set of photos all taken one week/month/year apart and we will transform them into a smoothly transitioning video that you will love.

Give someone a voucher for the same and they will love you!

Original New Apparel

Our Kidswear is comfortable and hard-wearing and the designs are all Australian originals.

Our "Extra Sense" range of t-shirts are more than they seem.

Scan a QR Code and you will not only be able to appreciate the look and feel of your t-shirt but you may also be able to appreciate how it sounds!

Our Mission

...is to help make life easier, more affordable and more fun.

We provide great value quality products with supportive customer service, without sacrificing local jobs or the planet.

We hope to help save you time finding gifts and save you money buying supplies and wares for your friends & family, home and business ...which you can then put towards having more fun!

We also hope to entertain and educate through our art, music and fun products.